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E Pluribus Unum

In response to President Obama’s speech today I spent some time thinking about our immigration policy. This isn’t within my normal area of expertise, but it is something that I think everyone should spend some time thinking about. The truth of the matter is, politicians have been screwing this up for generations, and I don’t [...]

Access to Nature

Texas is often seen as quintessentially “Western.” The big open spaces and the images of cowboys, cattle and horses abound. Certainly many residents of Texas think of the state in that manner; even when they reside in one of the state’s enormous cities. One needs only to look at the recent Houston Live Stock and [...]


From the Chronicle: Voters to decide if Open Beaches Act will become part of the Texas Constitution This is one of those funny bits of state politics that I find interesting. For all of Texas’ aversion to big brother and big government, we have declared by law that the State, and only the State, owns [...]

Swine Flu in Houston

Apparently the Swine Flu is here to stay in Houston. From the Chronicle this morning… Houston area gets its first local swine flu patient Three Houston schools aren’t holding classes this morning, shut down in an attempt to prevent the spread of a swine flu outbreak that has spread to at least one area resident [...]

De Lange Conferece: Day Three

Highlights again from a fine set of presentations, and we’ll dig into some of the meat of this in the upcoming days. We started the morning off with a really mind-blowing presentation by William Mitchell from the MIT Smart Cities Research Group. Mitchell highlighted some of the work of his group, including what they call [...]

Thank Goodness for Ed Emmett…

I don’t want to speculate on the outcome of this election too generally. I wasn’t overly impressed with either of the major candidates, and as no other party even made a ripple this year, I found it a rather boring election cycle. I will say this, I am *thrilled* to hear that Ed Emmett will [...]

Suburban Swing

From CNN today: Suburb’s Pain Could Swing Election I couldn’t agree more. This is the most critical issue that nobody is talking about. Highlights from the article: The plunge in the housing and financial markets, and the spiking of energy prices, have assured that the economy will be the top issue among rich and poor [...]

From Yahoo Finance:

Courtesy Ben Stein: 12 Ways to Ruin the US Economy 1) Have a fiscal policy that creates immense deficits in good times and bad, burdening America’s posterity with staggering burdens of repaying the debt. 2) Eliminate regulation of Wall Street and/or fail to enforce the regulations that already exist, instead trusting Wall Street and other [...]

Not everyone should own a home.

From The Wall Street Journal, the best read I’ve had in a long while… Maybe only a friendly foreigner could say this. But America needs to realize that not everyone can own a home. The American Dream of home ownership for all is a fraud. Politicians who pimped this dream created an unsustainable mortgage industry [...]

At least we’re taking them all down with us…

Headlines: World stock markets tumble Europe works to contain crisis Stocks suffer blowout as global crisis persists Global stocks in Monday mess Stocks worldwide fall as crisis fears widen Seems like passing the bailout didn’t soothe any nerves. The keyword I keep hearing over and over again is fear. Fear, fear, fear. Everyone is afraid. [...]