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Rivercrest: Why the Urban Network is Essential

Yesterday the Chronicle posted an interesting article titled: Did street closing bypass fairness? Neighbors inherit wealthy Rivercrest’s traffic problem. The article considers the plight of the Briargrove Park subdivision, which has seen a significant increase in traffic since the adjacent Rivercrest subdivision succeeded in having their streets made into one-way (exit only) at Westhiemer. The [...]

A New Vision for the Katy Prairie

Over the course of the last month we’ve discussed the Grand Parkway and all the reasons for and against it. I’ve offered an alternative concept that I believe would better support the existing development in the area, and I suggested that I think that also offers a better land-development scenario for the Katy Prairie. Today [...]

The Urban Network

A few years ago Peter Calthorpe, one of the leading urban designers of our generation, was looking at a bunch of the tools that are advancing good urbanism today (like the Transect, Context-Sensitive Streets, and SmartCode) and felt that something was missing. What we needed, he argued, was a pattern for holding these things together [...]