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Use the Transit Tax for Transit

David Crossley wrote an excellent editorial yesterday, which you can find here. His key point: 25% of the Houston region’s Transit Tax is diverted to highway projects, plus a very large percentage of METRO’s capital budget (outside of the 25% diversion of funds) has to be used to expand, improve, and otherwise rebuild streets that [...]

Austin to Houston Rail Link in the planning stages?

The Texas Tribute reports a study is underway on the possibility of a 3-hour rail link between Austin and Houston, although “not anytime soon.” Two thoughts: 1. I am an ardent, hard-core believer in Rail transit as a critical part of our urban and inter-urban infrastructure. But, 3 hours to Austin isn’t good enough. Not [...]

China’s idea of the future

China is dreaming up some pretty radically innovative ideas for the future of it’s cities. The latest idea is this “bridge bus,” which I’m not even sure exactly how to describe. Here’s an attempt: Basically you take a bus and make it 15′ high or so – just a hair shorter than whatever the standard [...]

CPT Challenge Results and Editors Choice

Last week we held a quick design challenge, looking for people to showcase their ideas for cable-propelled transit systems in Houston. We were happy to receive five different entries, which I think is about what I’d hoped for given the short time frame and the requirement that entrants create an image of some kind to illustrate the idea. What exceeded my expectations was the quality of the entries! These are all thoughtful submissions, and picking and editor’s choice was harder than I expected. I did say I’d pick a winner, though… read the rest of the story to see who won!

Holes in the Long Tailpipe

Every time I hear someone argue that electrical vehicles (EVs) have no benefit because they only shift the point of pollution from the vehicle to the powerplant, I want to mock that person using the same voice that Eddie Murphy used in Beverly Hills Cop to say, “I’m not falling for the banana in the [...]

Lightweight Mass Transit

A look at how important the weight of our vehicles is to the performance of our transportation networks. From compact cars to space ships, technology to reduce the weight of vehicles offers impressive safety and performance benefits. By neoHOUSTON’s newest contributing author, Dean Hall.

Tonight: How New Urbanism Advances Mobility and Safety Goals

This is a “must-see” event for fans of the blog. Eric Dumbaugh will be making the transportation engineer’s case for New Urbanism, backed by loads of useful data and case studies. I’ll be introducing the speaker, and I’ll be hanging around a while afterward in case anyone wants to chat.

Cable-Propelled Challenge

I got some very insightful feedback on my CPT post from Steven Dale, who runs the Gondola Project – the site that was the source of the flurry of conversations about Gondolas that has been echoing through the Houston blogosphere. But more on that in a minute… Steven also proposed an interesting idea – a [...]

Cable-Propelled Transit

Via Houston Strategies, I found this article about modern cable-propelled transit systems very interesting. Say the words “cable car” and most people think of trolleys being towed up and down San Francisco’s hilly terrain. Most view them as a charmingly antiquated heritage system for the tourists, not as modern mass transit. But cable cars are [...]

Asnychronous Travel

People often talk about the value of transit in reducing congestion, or in reducing commute times by providing an alternative to congested freeways. This is all fine, but there’s another benefit to efficient regional transit service that I personally find much more valuable. Transit provides travel redundancy – an additional option for people to get [...]