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CNU-Houston Meeting Tommorrow

CNU-Houston will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the Transect. The Transect is one of the key elements of New Urbanism – it’s the idea that human environments form a spectrum from natural countryside to agricultural lands to small towns to the neighborhoods and centers of large cities. The Transect is an attempt to classify the [...]

Solving the Ashby Paradox

The Ashby Hi-Rise situation has put the problems with Houston’s development regulations in the spotlight. The way the city does business today offers neither the protections that residents desire, nor the predictability that developers need to do business. If we’re not careful, the backlash from this event could make things even worse. Fortunately, there’s a win-win alternative that can solve this problem and make Houston a better place to live and do business.

The Urban Network

A few years ago Peter Calthorpe, one of the leading urban designers of our generation, was looking at a bunch of the tools that are advancing good urbanism today (like the Transect, Context-Sensitive Streets, and SmartCode) and felt that something was missing. What we needed, he argued, was a pattern for holding these things together [...]

The Transect

UPDATE – From the feedback in the comments I decided to add a little on how and why the Transect is useful for Houston, see the end of the post. This week I’ll be writing about the future of Houston, and how we can embrace and encourage growth in a sustainable way. To do this, [...]