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Flexible Flow Lanes

In this case study, a flexible-flow lane saved a quiet neighborhood road from being turned into a four-lane thoroughfare while still allowing two lanes of rush-hour traffic. This technique of increasing the traffic load by time-sharing a lane is not suitable in all locations, but should be considered in some cases as an alternative to road-widening.

Combustion Charge Zone

The Combustion Charge Zone should reduce congestion and raise funds for the transportation system. In addition to this, the Combustion Charge Zone should help reduce air and noise pollution.

Spaghetti World Tour

Come and take a look at some of the strange intersections I’ve encountered, and share crazy ones you’ve seen too!

Like I said…

I thought this post on the Chron blogs was interesting, especially in light of my earlier post this week about cultural traffic calming. When talking about the experience of walking a few blocks from her parking area to City Hall, Tara had this to say: …I realized it is not the walk that bothers me, [...]

Rivercrest: Why the Urban Network is Essential

Yesterday the Chronicle posted an interesting article titled: Did street closing bypass fairness? Neighbors inherit wealthy Rivercrest’s traffic problem. The article considers the plight of the Briargrove Park subdivision, which has seen a significant increase in traffic since the adjacent Rivercrest subdivision succeeded in having their streets made into one-way (exit only) at Westhiemer. The [...]

New Mobility Northwest

Last month we had a great discussion about the Grand Parkway. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then, and I decided that I wanted to make a little bit more elaborate case for an alternate. Prior to revising the Grand Parkway, I wanted to take some time to write about some useful terminology [...]

News Worth Reading

Two items from Houston Tomorrow that recently got my attention: Virginia: Build Grids, Not Cul-de-Sacs Studies identify keys to safer roads The overwhelming conclusion of both of these pieces is the same: older street patterns, grids where most streets are small and nearly all connect through the surrounding area, are safer, cheaper, and less congested. [...]

Grand Parkway

Ok, I couldn’t help myself. There’s been loads of hoopla surrounding the Grand Parkway recently. The most interesting piece, I think, is that the Sierra Club has now sued TxDOT to stop the Grand Parkway. Now, most of the environmental issue with the Grand Parkway is that it tears right through the middle of a [...]

Pierce / Dallas

First off, major props to Tory Gattis for what he had to say about toll roads yesterday: Road needs far outstrip demand in fast-growing Texas, we refuse to inflation index or increase the gas tax (which will soon barely cover maintenance on our existing network), and we refuse to convert historically free freeways to toll [...]

America’s Worst Intersections According to Forbes

I was just checking out this list of the worst traffic intersections in the United States, and I couldn’t help but noticed that none of them are in Houston.