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I was browsing through some data about historical gas prices, when I found some an interesting graph from the Energy Information Administration. Immediately something jumped off the page at me: when looking at historical inflation-adjusted gas prices, every time the price goes above $2.50 we’ve had a major economic meltdown.

Thoughts on Obama’s speech to the Council of Mayors

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, President Obama had some interesting things to say at his meeting with the US Council of Mayors last week. Naturally, many of the people interested in sustainable urbanism have been quite excited by the remarks. Let’s take a closer look at what the President actually said. Is it worth getting excited about, and if so, why?

Toll Impact

The Urban Land Institute and Earnst & Young recently released their annual infrastructure report. Infrastructure 2009 featured some really fascinating analysis of our national infrastructure, and made some strong recommendations. Chief among these is to shift the cost of infrastructure to users as much as possible. They explored a lot of ideas, but the two [...]

ULI-Houston Mayoral Candidate Forum

Today I had the chance to attend the ULI-Houston Mayoral Candidate Forum. Since this was a members-only event for ULI, most of Houston didn’t get to be there (which is a shame, really, because it was a great event!). So, knowing my readers would probably have appreciated knowing what was discussed, I took the best [...]

Two original thoughts

As the title says, I have two original thoughts on this. One will come as no surprise to people who read this blog, the other, I think is new. #1: Banks and the Housing Bubble… So, the biggest problem underlying everything else right now is the bursting housing bubble. We’ve got way too much housing [...]