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Speaking Tonight on Property Value Theory

For those who are interested, I’ll be speaking tonight at 7PM at CNU-Houston’s April Professional Development meeting. The meeting will be held at “New Living,” which is a hardware store in the Rice Village area.

The talk will cover the connection between design decisions and property value impacts. I’ll apply these observations to Houston, and look at what the city should and should not do when it looks to invest in infrastructure and revitalize neighborhoods.

Tonight: How New Urbanism Advances Mobility and Safety Goals

This is a “must-see” event for fans of the blog. Eric Dumbaugh will be making the transportation engineer’s case for New Urbanism, backed by loads of useful data and case studies. I’ll be introducing the speaker, and I’ll be hanging around a while afterward in case anyone wants to chat.

John Norquist to Speak in Houston Tonight

If you’ve heard of New Urbanism but don’t know much about it, you should absolutely attend John Norquist’s presentation tonight. As part of Houston Tomorrow’s Distinguished Speaker series, Norquist will be giving a free speech at 7:00 at the United Way Center, 50 Waugh Dr. The good folks at Houston Tomorrow have described the event [...]