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Runoff Election Candidate Meet and Greet this Thursday

For those who are interested in the upcoming runoff election, there’s a great opportunity to meet many of the candidates who are running this Thursday night. CNU-Houston is leading a group of five community organizations in hosting the event, which is both a networking opportunity for locals and a chance to meet a group of [...]

Phone call with Robert Kane, candidate for District F

Robert Kane, a candidate for City Council District F, called me last week. Now, I’m not a political whiz. I don’t intend to run extensive coverage of the local campaign (if you’re looking for such coverage, try Off the Kuff). I also am not planning to endorse any candidates, and I’m not endorsing Kane today. [...]

A Radical Idea for Healthcare

What’s the real story behind the Health Insurance industry? Why is the current approach incompatible with American values? And what would it look like if we took a new approach to health care reform, and tried something completely different…

Boroughs of Houston

What if Houston remade itself as a city with 18 boroughs? What are the pros and cons, and where would the boroughs be? Today we’ll take a look at how this idea could help the city with Annexation issues, make our municipal government more responsive and efficient, and help establish Houston’s brand throughout the nation and world.

Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade is through the House, now Obama’s team is working on pressing it through the Senate. The legislation is in its early stages, but as it is proposed today it would mandate a reduction to 17% of 2005 levels of greenhouse gas emmissions by 2020. In general, the Republicans are opposed to this [...]


From the Chronicle: Voters to decide if Open Beaches Act will become part of the Texas Constitution This is one of those funny bits of state politics that I find interesting. For all of Texas’ aversion to big brother and big government, we have declared by law that the State, and only the State, owns [...]

ULI-Houston Mayoral Candidate Forum

Today I had the chance to attend the ULI-Houston Mayoral Candidate Forum. Since this was a members-only event for ULI, most of Houston didn’t get to be there (which is a shame, really, because it was a great event!). So, knowing my readers would probably have appreciated knowing what was discussed, I took the best [...]

Around the World

This isn’t good news: Pakistan makes a truce with the Taliban. Not surprisingly, the Taliban is using its presence there to blackmail Pakistanis living in the US, threatening to kill their families if they don’t send the Taliban money. I’m afraid President Obama is about to have a particularly nasty escalation of the war in [...]

Stimulus, States, and Senators

Some thoughts on the upcoming stimulus package: 1. What’s the rush? I know people are panicky about the economy and want to see drastic action. I have no problem with drastic action. What I have a problem with is this rush to spend that clearly is going to result in billions of dollars wasted. Why [...]

Craving another fix?

This, from, was excellent: The Republicans have so little power in Washington right now that they’re grasping at the thinnest reeds in hopes of influencing the final stimulus bill. It’s going to be real tough to add substantially more tax breaks to the package, especially since so many people are convinced that we got [...]