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Hair Balls!

Yours truly was featured in an entertaining blog post from John Nova Lomax at the Houston Press. Lomax wrote about “Dress for the Weather Week,” an idea that I’ve been kicking around with my friends and coworkers for some time…

Guest Post

Today I’m happy to share a guest post from regular reader and comment poster Appetitus Rationi Pareat. APR is a lawyer here in Houston, and was kind enough to share some of his legal expertise with me after my comments last week about the Texas Constitution. The article he has prepared for today is short [...]

Updates and a Teaser…

A few site updates for today: We’ve set up new email accounts to use for the blog, which are shown on the sidebar and in the “About the Authors” page. These are simpler and easier to remember than the old rocketmail account, which we won’t be using anymore. Speaking of email, we’d love to hear [...]

America’s Worst Intersections According to Forbes

I was just checking out this list of the worst traffic intersections in the United States, and I couldn’t help but noticed that none of them are in Houston.

Welcome to

Well, I told everyone there was going to be some news, and here it is! We’re taking things up a step, and now are going to be operating from our own domain. First off, let me take a minute to thank Dave, who has been instrumental in the move to a little more sophisticated technology. [...]

neoHOUSTON update

You may notice that things look a little different on the page this afternoon. neoHOUSTON is celebrating it’s 6th month in existence, and there are a few changes coming that I hope you’ll all enjoy. First, I’d like to introduce a new contributing author. David Morris is a good friend of mine and a very [...]

From the Newswire: January 7, 2008

Two other articles worth taking a look at today come from Kuffner and Christoff: RIP, TTC The Little Line that Could