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Cable-Propelled Transit

Via Houston Strategies, I found this article about modern cable-propelled transit systems very interesting. Say the words “cable car” and most people think of trolleys being towed up and down San Francisco’s hilly terrain. Most view them as a charmingly antiquated heritage system for the tourists, not as modern mass transit. But cable cars are [...]

Asnychronous Travel

People often talk about the value of transit in reducing congestion, or in reducing commute times by providing an alternative to congested freeways. This is all fine, but there’s another benefit to efficient regional transit service that I personally find much more valuable. Transit provides travel redundancy – an additional option for people to get [...]

The Tour of Houston took my advice

… sort of. As you may recall, last year I observed that the Tour of Houston needed a user-friendly route map, and that it needed to go on Memorial Drive. Well, looks like the City got the message! This year’s Tour of Houston is coming up in about a month, and sure enough they’ve routed it [...]

Perception vs. Reality

General perceptions often don’t match the reality on the ground. Consider a recent study in San Francisco – they found that over 80% of downtown shoppers arrived without a car, but most business owners believed that all of their customers arrived by car. How do misperceptions like this impact Houston?

Runoff Election Candidate Meet and Greet this Thursday

For those who are interested in the upcoming runoff election, there’s a great opportunity to meet many of the candidates who are running this Thursday night. CNU-Houston is leading a group of five community organizations in hosting the event, which is both a networking opportunity for locals and a chance to meet a group of [...]

The Mini Triangle

Today we’re going to wrap up our look at a hypothetical Texas-High Speed Rail system. We’ve already looked at the how a privately operated high-speed system could start as a regional rail service in the major cities, now we’re going to see how these regional lines can interconnect and form a more complete system.

The Brazos Corridor

Continuing our look at High-Speed Rail in Texas, today we’re getting to the fun part: intercity travel. As you recall in the long series of previous posts, for the sake of this series I’m imagining a privately owned and operated rail system. As a private enterprise, the rail system would need to start small, building [...]

Houston – Part 3

To finish laying the framework for inter-city rail, we need a regional corridor that serves Northwest Houston. Today we’ll take a look at the Northwest Corridor, and see what it looks like when we tie this in to the rest of the system.

Hair Balls!

Yours truly was featured in an entertaining blog post from John Nova Lomax at the Houston Press. Lomax wrote about “Dress for the Weather Week,” an idea that I’ve been kicking around with my friends and coworkers for some time…

Changing Behavior through Fun

Sometimes humor is the best way to change behavior. At a particular subway station in Sweden everyone rode the escalator up, virtually no one chose the stairs. Well, stairs are clearly a little healthier since they require more effort to walk up… so is there something that we can do to encourage people to make the healthy choice? See for yourself: