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I was browsing through some data about historical gas prices, when I found some an interesting graph from the Energy Information Administration. Immediately something jumped off the page at me: when looking at historical inflation-adjusted gas prices, every time the price goes above $2.50 we’ve had a major economic meltdown.

Too good not to post

I found this on Green Wombat, a blog. It’s perfect as is, so here’s the complete story: Bill Ford: Gas tax, please. DANA POINT, Calif. — Have you driven a gas-guzzling planet-warming SUV lately? If so, it’s probably because gasoline prices have plunged in recent months and you’re more likely to trade up to a [...]

From the Blogs

Two great posts came online in the last couple weeks which I thought were worth sharing. The first is Thomas from Mean Green Cougar Red with his thoughts on the recent uptick in truck sales: Now that gas prices have fallen from last summer’s peak of $147/barrel to their current price of around $40/barrel, you [...]

The best documentary I’ve ever watched

Everyone in America needs to watch this report and think about it. PBS put together a program outlining the connection between energy prices, transportation systems, the mortgage crisis (which has created the financial meltdown), and US History. It’s fantastic, and you owe it to yourself to watch. The key feature, the absolute home run they [...]