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Use the Transit Tax for Transit

David Crossley wrote an excellent editorial yesterday, which you can find here. His key point: 25% of the Houston region’s Transit Tax is diverted to highway projects, plus a very large percentage of METRO’s capital budget (outside of the 25% diversion of funds) has to be used to expand, improve, and otherwise rebuild streets that [...]

Playing by the Rules

A short thought for today. I read an article on the Chronicle that I found interesting, titled “Blending Elegance and Fast Food.” Here are the most relevant excerpts: Fast-food restaurants in upscale planned communities such as First Colony, Cinco Ranch and The Woodlands shatter some basic assumptions about retailing. Fast-food chains are used to having [...]

Free-Market Parking

Today┬áI want to take a look at the free-enterprise approach to parking in more detail. Let’s look at why the free-enterprise system makes sense in the first place, then we’ll try to understand why free-market parking solutions would work in Houston. The common-sense argument against parking regulations First, remember that the traffic patterns flowing to [...]

A Tale of Two Shops

Today I want to take a look at two local businesses, and see what they can teach us about the reality of parking and the ability of parking ordinances to address parking supply and demand. The two business are both located on West Alabama St., near the intersection of West Alabama and Hazard. My home [...]

The Pseudo-Science of Parking Ratios

Continuing in our series on the problems with parking ordinances, today I want to look at fundamental problem with parking ratio requirements. Tomorrow I’ll follow up with a local example of the consequences of these poor policies. Because he explains these things better than I ever could hope to, I’m going to quote heavily from [...]

Parking Ordinance Meeting No. 1

This post will be the beginning of a series regarding parking ordinances in general, and the review of its existing ordinances that the City of Houston is currently conducting. I’ll try to provide some reporting and feedback on the meetings I’m able to attend, as well as some background and commentary on the way these [...]