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Solving the Ashby Paradox

The Ashby Hi-Rise situation has put the problems with Houston’s development regulations in the spotlight. The way the city does business today offers neither the protections that residents desire, nor the predictability that developers need to do business. If we’re not careful, the backlash from this event could make things even worse. Fortunately, there’s a win-win alternative that can solve this problem and make Houston a better place to live and do business.

Briefly: Ashby gets the go-ahead

From the Chronicle: More than two years after they first applied, the developers of the Ashby high-rise will receive permits for a project that generated protests and a renewed debate over how to regulate development in Houston, city officials said today. The decision was based on changes developers Matthew Morgan and Kevin Kirton made in [...]

Land Use Morals

These kinds of things frustrate me… Houston Strategies posted this story, which recaps this story. Both of them basically attribute all of Houston’s economic success to it’s no-zoning approach to land-use regulation. I certainly agree that Houston’s lean regulatory system helps the economy, there’s no question about that. I usually agree with the things Tory [...]