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Webcasting Tomorrow

For anyone interested, I’ll be giving a webcast tomorrow in conjunction with Strong Towns on the subject of Urban Design and Property Values. This is a new-and-improved version of a talk that I’ve presented at CNU-18, CNU-Central Texas, Texas Tech University, the Texas APA Convention, the Texas Trails Convention, CNU-Next Gen, CNU 20, and Houston [...]

Harris County attempting to corrupt METRO’s ballot referendum

From Houston Tomorrow: After arriving at a decision two weeks ago in perhaps the most open, transparent public process in Houston history, a totally different deal was arrived at in Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack’s office early this week. Reportedly under threats from Harris County, Houston Mayor Parker and Metro chair Gilbert Garcia have agreed to ask [...]

Public Works trying to shut down Bagby St. pedestrian-orientation after the fact?

From InnerLooped: Apparently, the [Bagby St. pedestrian improvements] project (already 100 days into construction) with city-approved plans that have been vetted by members of the community, is coming to a halt in a couple days. Yes, construction (and all work on Bagby) is about to stop (and remain in its current state). Why? Because the [...]

Houston home to “The worst sidewalk in America.”

…according to Dan Burden, world-renowned expert on Walkability, who has been in Houston for a couple days at the invitation of AARP and the Coalition for Complete Streets. As someone who has actually lived, worked, and traveled extensively outside of Houston I’m not even a little bit surprised. Our urban fabric is a joke, our [...]

I’m looking for an intern

For those of you who don’t know, I started my own real estate development / urban-design consulting practice last January. Business has been steadily improving, and now I’m to the point that I could use a little help managing it all. At the moment I’m looking for an intern who could work with me in [...]

Why so much of the internet is shut down today…

… the Old Media industry wants it to stay shut down for good, and so far Congress is on their side. Congress is preparing to pass legislation (called SOPA and PIPA) that would create rigid censorship of the internet, and more importantly would impair the very architecture of the net itself, making it much more [...]

Regarding the proposed High Density Ordinance

Today the Houston City Council will make its final decision on the proposed “High Density Ordinance,” which adds a new requirement that high-rises built in residential neighborhoods have at least a 30 foot gap between them and the nearest house. A thoughtful response to this issue was released last week, and I agree with that [...]

Metro Construction Time-Lapse

I saw this on Houston Tomorrow, courtesy Swamplot. Metro rebuilt an intersection on Harrisburg in 72 hours and recorded it in time-lapse video, pretty cool stuff. This isn’t shocking speed, Portland built their entire streetcar network a block at a time and did each block with this kind of speed. My recollection is that the [...]

What I’ve been working on

Over the last eight months I’ve been putting a ton of time and energy into a project that’s part of my consulting practice. The challenge I kept running into was a need for photographs to illustrate different types of developments, both to show people what I’m talking about and to help come up with new [...]

City of South Miami: No riding bikes without our permission

This is almost too ridiculous to be true. At a recent city commission meeting, what began as a simple invitation to the city manager and commission to join Mari Chael and local residents on a “joyous bike ride” around scenic South Miami has escalated into a $1 million insurance binder permit demand and other red [...]