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Making the most of Solar Energy

Yesterday the Chron ran this article about a new solar plant that is going to be built on the Northwest side of town. NRG is going to spend $40 million to build a 10MW solar plant, and the City will enter into a long-term contract to buy power from the plant at 19 cents per [...]

Hawaii is going where Houston should be

I found this article on energy issues in Hawaii very interesting. NAALEHU, Hawaii — Two miles or so from this tiny town in the southernmost corner of the United States, across ranches where cattle herds graze beneath the distant Mauna Loa volcano, the giant turbines of a new wind farm cut through the air. Sixty miles [...]

Natural Ammenities

I read a column today that really struck a chord with me. In it, Nicholas Kristof points out the value his family places on interacting with nature, and then posits that the current generation is increasingly not exposed to the natural world at all. Such time in the wilderness is part of our family’s summer [...]

There’s a new kind of green in the Army…

I found this article really interesting… apparently there’s been a notable uptick of environmental consciousness in the US and British militaries. The two are taking major steps to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, steps they believe are saving lives. “We will pay to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today, or we will pay the [...]

Vauban, the Car-Free Suburb in Germany

I enjoyed this read in the New York Times about Vauban, a “no-cars-allowed” suburb in Germany. Thanks to Matthew Harding for the link! If you haven’t heard about it, Vauban is one of those ‘buzzy’ places that people in the urbanist community love to talk about. I think the concept it interesting, but it relies [...]

Looscan Library LEED Tour Recap

I managed to make it over to the Looscan Library on Tuesday for the LEED Building Tour, and I wanted to distribute some of information about the building. They gave a pretty good overview of the LEED credits that the building received to become certified, but I couldn’t find a copy of the text online. I’ll try to get the good details from it here:

Discovery Green Marketplace

UPDATE: Tiffany Tyler added some helpful information in the comments below. Thanks Tiffany! – – – – – I mentioned my Saturday trip to Discovery Green earlier today, but I also had occasion to go back on Sunday afternoon. The park hosts a “Green Marketplace” every Sunday. While it isn’t the city’s largest farmer’s market [...]

Green Building Tours – Looscan Neighborhood Library – March 31

The Mayor’s office is starting up the Green Building Tours series for 2009 on Tuesday March 31st, at the Looscan Neighborhood Library. The tours will take place every thirty minutes from 11am to 2pm on Tuesday, March 31, and it’s completely free!

Ozone, Lung Disease, and Houston’s Air Quality Ranking

Today on Discovery News I found this article: Ozone Linked to Deadly Lung Disease. The article was pretty interesting, explaining that long-term exposure to high ozone levels dramatically increases the risk for lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. On days when ozone levels are high, breathing can be difficult and exercising outdoors is usually discouraged. [...]

Should oil be cheap?

Update: An alternative take on this issue, in light on the financial crisis now looming over our nation, appeared on CNN a few days ago. There was a great article on Business Week, published July 23. The article is called, “Should Oil Be Cheap?“. Basically, the article argues that there is a case to be [...]