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Roads: Taxes, Tolls, Other?

I believe that raising the gas tax needs to be part of the solution. But I also believe there are cost-cutting measures to discuss.

E Pluribus Unum

In response to President Obama’s speech today I spent some time thinking about our immigration policy. This isn’t within my normal area of expertise, but it is something that I think everyone should spend some time thinking about. The truth of the matter is, politicians have been screwing this up for generations, and I don’t [...]

Playing by the Rules

A short thought for today. I read an article on the Chronicle that I found interesting, titled “Blending Elegance and Fast Food.” Here are the most relevant excerpts: Fast-food restaurants in upscale planned communities such as First Colony, Cinco Ranch and The Woodlands shatter some basic assumptions about retailing. Fast-food chains are used to having [...]

Thoughts on Obama’s speech to the Council of Mayors

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, President Obama had some interesting things to say at his meeting with the US Council of Mayors last week. Naturally, many of the people interested in sustainable urbanism have been quite excited by the remarks. Let’s take a closer look at what the President actually said. Is it worth getting excited about, and if so, why?

Runoff Election Candidate Meet and Greet this Thursday

For those who are interested in the upcoming runoff election, there’s a great opportunity to meet many of the candidates who are running this Thursday night. CNU-Houston is leading a group of five community organizations in hosting the event, which is both a networking opportunity for locals and a chance to meet a group of [...]

Phone call with Robert Kane, candidate for District F

Robert Kane, a candidate for City Council District F, called me last week. Now, I’m not a political whiz. I don’t intend to run extensive coverage of the local campaign (if you’re looking for such coverage, try Off the Kuff). I also am not planning to endorse any candidates, and I’m not endorsing Kane today. [...]

Solving the Ashby Paradox

The Ashby Hi-Rise situation has put the problems with Houston’s development regulations in the spotlight. The way the city does business today offers neither the protections that residents desire, nor the predictability that developers need to do business. If we’re not careful, the backlash from this event could make things even worse. Fortunately, there’s a win-win alternative that can solve this problem and make Houston a better place to live and do business.

Peter Brown’s Traffic Plan

I had a chance to look over Peter Brown’s traffic plan this weekend. It’s a pretty good document, and while it doesn’t go into tremendous detail it does clearly spell out his approach to traffic management. Kuffner wrote a great summary last week, so for the general idea take a look at his post. I [...]

A Radical Idea for Healthcare

What’s the real story behind the Health Insurance industry? Why is the current approach incompatible with American values? And what would it look like if we took a new approach to health care reform, and tried something completely different…

Boroughs of Houston

What if Houston remade itself as a city with 18 boroughs? What are the pros and cons, and where would the boroughs be? Today we’ll take a look at how this idea could help the city with Annexation issues, make our municipal government more responsive and efficient, and help establish Houston’s brand throughout the nation and world.