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Welcome to neoHOUSTON!

This blog is about ideas. We do our best to find interesting news and current events and offer informed opinions on these topics. We especially like urbanism in Houston.

We currently have several contributors. All of us do this for fun and don’t make any money off of it (yet!). We write the blog in order to add to the existing conversation in Houston, and to solicit your input into our ideas. We love your comments, even when you don’t love our posts.

We try to keep the blog pretty up-to-date, with at least a couple posts each week. When times are good we may have 10 posts in a week, though I think we’ll have a bit of a limit to keep our readers from being spammed to death.

We got started in July of 2008, and we expect to be going strong for some time. We hope you’ll subscribe and comment regularly, and we hope you enjoy watching the blog grow!

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All neoHOUSTON articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works License. For commercial uses of the works listed on the site, please contact the post author to obtain permission.

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  1. I’m the Houston Community Manager for Neighborland and I’d love to talk to you guys about improving Houston’s neighborhoods.

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