About the Authors

Andrew Burleson – Primary Author / Editor

Andrew is a professional urban designer and real estate developer in Houston. His professional work is concentrated on the design, finance, and entitlement of pedestrian and transit-oriented real estate developments. He has a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design. Andrew is also President of the Congress for the New Urbanism’s Houston Chapter.

Andrew is the founder, lead writer, and lead web developer for neoHOUSTON.

David Morris – Contributing Author

Dave is an urbanist and a technology consultant in Houston. His professional work covers diverse fields including architecture, visualization, and computer programming. He also has a keen interest in 3d printing and other rapid prototyping technologies, as well as user interface design and mobile application development. David is a seasoned world traveler and world observer.

Dave is a contributing author and technical consultant, offering invaluable help developing the unique code base that allows us to do some really cool stuff with our site!

Martin von Rosenberg – Contributing Author

Martin is a lawyer specializing in corporate securities, mergers, acquisitions, and leveraged financing transactions. Before beginning his legal career Martin worked as an economic analyst in the areas of regulatory economics and fuel and transportation contract negotiations.

As a contributing author, Martin brings a unique perspective to neoHOUSTON, often adding insightful analysis of the social and legal history behind many of the issues our city and state face today.

Dean Hall – Contributing Author

Dean is an embedded systems engineer in Houston.  He worked for Motorola in Austin, TX for seven years and now mixes contract work and raising his kids.  His interests include microcontroller programming, robotics, running, volleyball, discrete event simulation, transit-oriented design and transit planning.  Dean has ridden the Eurostar through the chunnel, Shanghai’s maglev, the Pittsburgh trolley and the subways in Shanghai, Beijing, Barcelona, London and Paris.

As a contributing author, Dean brings a passion for emerging technology and sustainable development. His posts help us to expand our imagination of what unique future solutions are emerging for todays urban challenges.

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