Public Works trying to shut down Bagby St. pedestrian-orientation after the fact?

From InnerLooped:

Apparently, the [Bagby St. pedestrian improvements] project (already 100 days into construction) with city-approved plans that have been vetted by members of the community, is coming to a halt in a couple days. Yes, construction (and all work on Bagby) is about to stop (and remain in its current state). Why? Because the city’s Public Works Department wants three lanes of traffic on Bagby… even though Midtown had traffic studies conducted that said only two lanes are needed, and that the community wants Bagby to be more pedestrian friendly…

Apparently, “Public Works wants Bagby to be a pass-through street where cars can fly through Midtown,” and they’re willing to flush all the existing public money that has been spent on this project down the drain to go back AFTER approving the project and deny it. Sadly, I’m not surprised. Houston has 4 blocks of decent urban form in a city of ~6 Million people… and according to Public Works that’s four blocks too many.

Now, according to InnerLooped this is the report from adjacent property owners, but it hasn’t been “officially” announced to the public. Still this kind of crap from the city is absolutely unacceptable, and if you’re as upset about it as I am you need to let them know.

Email the following:

Plus add your own district councilmember (unless you live in Dist. C). Tell them you want to hear from them that this crap isn’t true and that they won’t stand for this kind of disgraceful waste of public money, violation of public process, disregard for public will, and backwards public policy.


Posted: Thursday, June 21st, 2012 at 10:40 am
Categories: move, sustain, think
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  1. This is what I sent:

    Dear Madam Mayor, Councilwoman Cohn, Councilman Costello, Councilman Burkes, Councilwoman Noriega, Councilman Bradford, and Councilman Christie:

    I read with dismay today that the Houston Public Works department has decided to make Bagby south of downtown into a through street. I hope the report is wrong, because changing the pedestrian oriented nature of Bagby at this point will entail adding a third lane, and going back and ripping out the work that has already been done to make Bagby more pedestrian friendly.

    I urge you, especially you, Councilwoman Cohn, as this is our district, to put a stop to this nonsense. Houston needs more streets where we can walk, not more streets that allow for fast traffic.

    I will add that I am speaking against my own personal interest. Living in The Montrose, and District C, I often would use Bagby to get home from points north. But I think that we all need to sacrifice a few minutes of speeding down the road in our cars for a more livable city.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope that you will stop this travesty. (I hope that the report I read is wrong. You can see it here.)

    Best regards,


  2. We’ve set up an online petition today so that Midtown residents and businesses can have their views heard on protecting our charming urban locale.

    Howard Steele

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